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Family Fun Zone

The VIEX is happy to have Craig the Magician and Bounce-a-Rama’s Crayon bouncy castle in the Family Fun Zone both sponsored in part by McDonald’s.  Thank you, McDonald’s, we look forward to your booth at the fair.  We are excited to welcome back Youth 20/20 and Leaders in Training/ Quest with the energy and laughter those individuals bring to the interactive games.  


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Splitsville is coming with a form of bowling and games.  For education,  Zero Waste Nanaimo and the RCMP will increase our awareness. Art lovers will have a good time in our craft tent and maybe have a chance to get your face painted.  For the sports enthusiasts we have: corn hole, ladder ball, foos ball, mini golf and a farm yard obstacle course.  The car buffs will enjoy our veggie car racing and the farm truck sand pile.  The Nanaimo Fire Rescue will give us a chance to talk to a real firefighter.  If you appreciate home grown and agriculture, the farmer for a day is for you; kids can dig up carrots and potatoes and pick Velcro apples off the trees.  BC Dairy is coming with an interactive booth.  Thrifty Food has been a big supporter of the fair and will have a booth in the Family Fun Zone.  We will provide a Baby Change Tent( but please keep the baby you already have, they are pretty darn cute).  In the cedar farmyard maze: we will have the hens sitting on their laying boxes waiting for you to collect their eggs or you could try to answer the agriculture trivia.  There is a wishing well and magnetic fishing where you can exchange your catch for a candy.  Come make a few bubbles and enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and unexpected delights of the Family Fun Zone at the VIEx.

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