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Agriculture Education

Many people know little about agriculture's role and impact in their daily lives - where food comes from, what is life on the farm like, why are farms inportant in our community.  

Look through the many resources below, specially put together for children of all ages.  

Check out what our education partners have to offer throughout the year!

Click below to access activities made available by provincial and national organizations.

Share these fun activities and educational documents with your class!

The VIEx has compiled a group of free, fun, and educational games for K-12 students.  Click on the boxes below to access games and information.


Nourish Interactive

Suggested Grade Level: 1-7

A couple of samples of what 'BC Agriculture in the Classroom's website has to offer.


John Deere Kids contains many activities for all ages.  Check the site out.

Here are some examples of what you will find on the site.  Click on the image below to download the Activity Books.

john deere.png
JD Grow.png
JD Plat.png
JD Eat.png
BC Agriculture in the Classroom
John Deere Kids

Colouring and Other Activities

Colour the Fair.png
Traveling farm activity.png

International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions

Colouring Book

Farm Activity Book

Activity Sheets.png

Activity Sheets

The Farm at Sillyville.png

Farm at Sillyville

Safeway and the Washington State Fair

Colouring and Other Activities

Farm Games for Cool Kids 
Check out the information on this US-based site.  Games and information is available for the Pre-K to Grade 5 Level.

Equipment Engineer.png
White Water Adventures.png

Grade 4

Science, Language Arts

Grade 4

Science, Language Arts

Grade 5

Geography, Social Science

An Eggciting.png

Grade 5


The steaks are high.png

Grade 5

Geography, Social Science

Seed Search.png

Grade 5

Math, Science, Geograpy

Let's Grow.png
Spin and solve.png
Operation Peanut.png
Let's Make something Tasty.png

Grade 4

Science, Social Science

Grade 4

Health, Science, Engineering

Grade 4

Math, Science

Grade 2

Health, English Language Arts

Fact or Fiction.png
Keys to Stewardship.png

Grade 1

Social Science

Grade 3

Science and Engineering

Harvest This.png
Load My Lunch.png
Farmer's Market Challenge.png

Grade 2

Marh, Science

Pre-K and K

Math, Health

Grades K through 5

Math, Health

The Buzz.png
Memory Match.png

Grade k - 1

Science, Geography

Grade 1


In My Barn.png

Pre K to Grade 2

Math, Science

Farm Games for Cool Kids
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