Welcome back West Coast Amusements.

VIEx is pleased to announce exciting changes for our 125th anniversary. This year our dates will be the fourth weekend of August 23, 24, & 25th of 2019, and we welcome back West Coast Amusements. Following is a statement from West Coast Amusements about their plans with VIEx.

West Coast Amusements is excited to be back at the VIEx for our 125th anniversary. West Coast Amusements will provide a first class midway to all our guests! Robbie (and wife Tarah) Hauser are third generation of the Hauser family (West Coast Amusements) providing family fun to events across Western Canada!

Keep an eye out for the debut of their brand new Frenzy ride, a spectacular GIANT swinging pendulum ride allowing riders the thrilling experience defying gravity with G force motion! The Frenzy rides 12 passengers with an exciting, uplifting experience where every seat hits the sweet spot! The Frenzy swings riders to a height of 60 feet with an incredible 3 G’s of acceleration as they swing 220 degree’s from side to side. Riders sit back to back, 6 across and experience both an upswing and a downward plummet of the ride with each thrilling arc of motion!

And for those not quite as daring, come down and ride the new Gondola wheel. A modern take on the ferris wheel with gondola bucket seating! Don’t forget your camera, the view from the top is impressive!

In addition to the Frenzy and the Gondola wheel, you’ll find your classic favorites! See ya’ll at the fair August 23,24,25 2019!

“We are thrilled to be back with the VIEx. We’re looking forward to our partnership with Nanaimo and bringing fun to all our fair-goers. See you in August!”