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2023 Main Stage Lineup

Friday, August 25th, 2023

Friday August 25th


10:00 AM

BACKBEAT is four mates from Victoria, BC. Four pretty fab guys who live and breathe the most exciting decade in music history. The boys have been thrilling audiences since 1988 with their loving and most authentic musical tribute to the 60's. Students of music, casual listeners and fans of all ages know all these songs. In fact, many of them have been singing them since they were-school kids, when things were so much simpler and memories were being made.


BACKBEAT honors the music, honors the memories with an uncanny sense and sensibility for each and every song on the repertoire which by the way is substantial to say the least. From the Beatles to the Zombies and everything in between, these are the songs you remember, the way they were played, absolutely live. For BACKBEAT, it's all about paying homage to these great artists and this incredible catalogue of music. The guys are all experts at their craft, honing their chops on dusty stages and in smoky cabarets all across the country for over 4 decades. In fact, collectively and singularly each of these artists has graced the stage with some of the worlds foremost artists including Sheena Easton, Celine Dion, Loverboy, Fee Waybill, Nigel Olsson, Honeymoon Suite, Steven Tyler and David Foster..yes, THAT David Foster.


BACKBEAT has also been a featured opening act for Trooper, April Wine and 54-40, three of Canada's most successful artists.

 BACKBEAT, authentic... genuine and honest, just like the music they play. It's been quite the journey hasn't it? From a small noisy dank cavern in Liverpool to 50,000 screaming fans at Shea Stadium and beyond. BACKBEAT let's you re-live every moment, every memory and the most

amazing decade in music history. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


12:00 PM

FaultLine is an Indie Alternative Rock band from Victoria. Inspired by a wide range of music, FaultLine will never leave you stuck in one spot. Their music is often described as ‘a nice cheap bottle of white win’, appropriate for a Christmas gift to your in laws, but still great for getting smashed at a rowdy New Years party.

The Admirals

1:30 PM

The Admirals came together during covid times as a means to keep in practice, and the sound and band chemistry was so good, they knew they had to continue. A mix of blues, R & B, funk, some original material and a pinch of reggae will keep the audiences ears and feet happy.


Victor Wells on guitar and vocals. Born in Chicago and raised on blues, the Beatles and 60’s rock and roll, Victor brings it all to the stage and leaves nothing behind.


Steve Duben on bass and vocals. Steve was born into a family of musicians, at Georgetown, Guyana, Steve started bass at a young age influenced by Caribbean calypso. His pursuits have taken him on stage and as a Session Player on over 50 recordings.


Bert Hamer on drums. Coming from the OntarioCollege of Percussion, Bert has played a who’s who of Canadian musicians including Ronnie Hawkins, Jack DeKeyser and David Vest.


Charlie Fox on keyboards and vocals. Born on the west coast and paying his dues in the clubs of Toronto, Charlie brings his love of the Hammond Organ and vocal harmony to the Admiral’s mix.

Clone Temple Pilots

3:45 PM

For roughly 10 years Brian Banks (Guitarist) had a vision to start a band that would pay tribute

to Stone Temple Pilots. During that time in the development of the band, there was a variety of

different musicians that had came and went and the project couldn't get off the ground. In April of 2020 Kristin Hunt (Bass guitarist) had responded to an ad Brian had posted on Craigslist and became an immediate cornerstone to the project. Kristin's extensive experience as a working musician was exactly the spark the project needed.


For the next 2 years the band went through various different members to find the final missing pieces. In the summer of 2022, James Munro (Drums), joined the fold and supplied the backbone the band needed. In December of 2022, Robert Barron aka "Bones" (Lead Vocalist) joined the group and filled the last missing piece. The members of "Clone Temple Pilots" bring an extensive list of experience from all their past and current projects.

AIC's Facelift

5:00 PM

After splitting with an Alice In Chains tribute band called “Hell Within” that was formed in 2007, present singer Bones (Robert Barron) was approached by several musicians to continue the project. James Munro (Drums) and Greg Turnbull (Bass) took on the commitment. Many guitarists came and went during the following 2 years. Bones leaves Victoria unexpectedly for 3 years and returns in 2015. James Munro gets the band back together at this time, with the addition of 2 new guitarists, one being Jason Stearn (Lead Guitar). The band started gaining momentum with shows at various locations and then Covid hit. In 2020 Jason Stearn reached out to Brian Banks (Rhythm Guitar) to replace the vacant spot left by the previous rhythm guitarist.​

TNT - The Bon Scott Revue

6:15 PM

Delivers classic AC/DC hits from the Bon Scott era of the 1970’s. Hatched at a party in White Rock in 2014 by the late great award-winning blues guitarist, Jason Buie and lead singer Kevin Wright, they quickly added blazing guitar man Rich Green. Kev and Rich are joined by Lincoln McCulloch on rhythm guitar, Alex McEachern on bass and Stefano Pasta on drums. Dirty Deeds, Highway to Hell, Jail Break, Sin City, Let There Be Rock.. People love this band… people love AC/DC… and TNT is as good as it gets!


7:45 PM

Barracuda are from Vancouver BC, the city where Heart was fully formed and recorded their first two albums. Combining all of Heart's greatest hits from rockers to ballads but also covering Led Zep material which Heart did and still does. In fact, they were nicknamed Little Zep.


The Ladies of Barracuda

Led by four octave powerhouse vocalist D.L. Car; who is an Ann Wilson purist vocally and she also plays flute and acoustic guitar. Both Roger Fisher, Heart's original lead guitarist and songwriter, and his brother Michael, Heart's sound -tech, manager and Ann's boyfriend who the song Magic Man was written about have both gone on record stating that D.L. Car is vocally the closest to Ann Wilson they have ever heard and they have seen many! Roger has made guest appearances with Barracuda many times over the past 10 years.

Barracuda searched far and wide for a perfect Nancy Wilson persona, and found the perfect candidate in Sarah Moon who resides in Portland OR, Sarah brings her musical talents along with a physical presence to the stage.


The Barracuda Boys

Ray Roper transcends into Roger Fisher with his guitar prowess and also adds vocals and keyboards.

Darryl Hebert brings a wealth of versatility playing the electric and acoustic guitars, keytar, keyboards

Banjo, mandolin and vocals.

Rick Fedyk on drums has been touring with the Paul Rodgers band for the past 10 years replacing Jason


Todd Ronning is the bassist not only for the Paul Rodgers band but also for Bad Company with whom Todd has been touring with for the past 12 years.

The Hip Show

9:30 PM

The Hip Show, Canada's most authentic tribute to The Tragically Hip, have been captivating audiences all throughout Western Canada since 2008.


No Tragically Hip tribute band in Canada, dives deeper into the music, the image, the sounds, the roles, the sheer essence of The Tragically Hip, than The Hip Show. Through their performance, The Hip Show brings the full Hip experience to life, for you… the fans!


Be it an intimate venue or a festival stage, The Hip Show delivers an unbridled portrayal of those 5 guys from Kingston.


Come out and immerse yourself In The Hip show experience!


Matt Mattson - Gord Downie

Born in BC, Matt spent a number of his formative years traveling the world only to settle back in Vancouver. Since then, his musical journey as a singer songwriter frontman has put him In front of many audiences, and together with many musicians. His recent efforts as the character of Gord Downie have only served to broaden his skills as a bonafide frontman and lead singer.


No other 'Hip’ tribute in the country has a Gord Downie like Matt He takes all to heart and gives It back to the audience with a desire and intensity rivaled only by Gord himself. His experience and love for the Hip comes across in every performance.


Joe Foley - Robby Baker

Originally from NW Ontario, Joe spent most of his 20's touring Canada developing his craft as a working

musician. After a brief stint in Winnipeg in the early "90's, he found himself living on the west coast. After 35+ years in the Canadian music scene, Joe has finally put together a band that he is extremely proud of.


As the driving force behind The Hip Show, Joe has assembled some of the best musicians he has ever played with. "Not only are these guys good but 1 am proud to say that we are all friends, despite my insane work ethic." He has been heard to say "If were playing it all night, we're playing n all right!" Playing the part(s) of Robby Baker is the challenge he never expected but one that he has taken on headfirst.


David Van Andel - Paul Langlois

As the only member to have been auditioned for the project, David came to us the way most things happen these days, the internet. As a former Albertan, he brings with him a certain ability to play it like it is. His musical past going back almost 30 years includes formal jazz training not to be out done by a 4 year gig in a well respected AC/DC tribute as the role of Malcolm Young.


David quickly fit himself into the role as the rhythm guitarist Paul Langlois going so far as rediscovering his sound and style of play all the while injecting a little of his own influence to the parts.


Brad Uchida - Gordon Sinclair

Brad and Joe met in a recording studio some 17 years ago. A short time later they were playing in a band that "could have been a contender". This was the first of 3 non starts over the next few years. Fast forward to the day of the phone call between Matt and Joe and all Joe had to ask was "are you in?", and he didn't hesitate.

To say Brad is one half of The Hip Show rhythm section ls an understatement to be sure. Together with Mike Satchwell (drums) they have some 30 years of playing together, That's almost as long as Sinclair and Fay themselves have been together.


His style has been likened to that of Prakash John (Alice Cooper, The Lincolns) which works very well as a perfect fit for the role of Gordon Sinclair.


Mike Satchwell - Johnny Fay

The other half of The Hip Show rhythm section and again, much the same story as Brad, as he and Mike have been joined at the 'Hip' these past 30 years. His experience goes back almost 30 years in many roles, Jazz drummer on a cruise ship, 3 years in Maui playing one nighter after one nighter all the while avoiding the USNIS.


Mike also played the part of Don Henley In an Eagles tribute in the early ‘90's. Mike's ability, style, and work ethic are the glue that joins us together at "The Hip".

Saturday, August 26th, 2023

Southbound & Friends

12:45 PM

Southbound and Friends is an eclectic six and often seven-piece band, that are sometimes joined by world renowned violinist Sari Alesh, who is an incredible musician from Syria. Together they play a wide variety of music, from jazz to classic rock, country, 50’s-60’s and even a little Arabic, Yiddish, and Russian  folks songs just for fun.


As a band they have played weddings, halls, group homes, community centres, and private gatherings to name a few. Southbound and Friends have devoted much of their time and talent to building community through music, often raising funds for folks in need.


Southbound and Friends hails from Salt Spring Island, featuring Sherry Leigh Williams lead vocals, Shannon Lee Rae, vocals, (Shirley, BC) Wilf Davies on keyboard and Hammond organ. (Salt Spring Island, BC) Keith Bjorndal vocals and percussion, (Saanichton) Dave Conway vocals and guitar, Make Sampson guitar, Barrie Hughes on bass (Victoria, BC). Although they separately play in several groups including Salt Spring Jazz and Blues Bands, Kent and Rae, Los Cabos, Dos Cabazas, Black Hat Band (Arizona) and Bryden Street, they always come together as the family they have become.


Salt Spring artist, and lead vocalist, Sherry Leigh Williams descends from a long line of creative people; “music was part of living and a way of expressing joy despite hard times” says Williams. Her Irish mother sang to her as a child, and her paternal grandfather, was a Metis fiddler and vocalist.


Wilf Davies, long time band teacher for the Gulf Islands, and Williams began performing together several years ago forming Southbound and Friends Band. This lively band plays everything from jazz, 50’s-60’s, as well as war show tunes to country and back again.


Together Davies and Williams have delighted audiences in USA, as well as playing and hosting many musical gatherings in Victoria and now in their home community of Salt Spring Island.


Wilf has played with the likes of Valdy, Sugar Beat, Rough and Tumble to name a few “Community building is what we do” said Williams. Most recently, they played a Patsy Cline Tribute show at the Mateada as part of the Tour Des Illes series on Salt Spring Island.


The band members, each accomplished musician’s in other groups are: Keith Bjorndahl on percussion and vocals, Shannon Lee Rae vocals, Dave Conway on bass and vocals, Mike Sampson on guitar.

Dave Forsberg

2:30 PM

Dave Forsberg is a singer-songwriter, performing and recording artist of Country and contemporary Christian music. 

In 2013 he released the EP 'I Stand Amazed', releasing the title track to radio the same year. He has also recorded the single, 'Holding Your Hand', a contemporary  Gospel song released January of 2019 which was recorded at Studio Downe Under and produced by Jay Buettner, who he had recorded his first EP with. At present, he is working on a new album, 'Where The River Meets The Road', and has released the first single from the project called 'Worthy'. The album is being recorded at Last Spike Studio with sound engineer and owner, Karl Matzhold.

Dave has also lived and worked in the farming and ranching community most of his life, and has operated heavy equipment in the logging and mining industries as well. He is very happily married to Alana, and together they have four kids, two foster kids, and a grand-daughter. 

The Dave Forsberg Band is a group of singers and musicians for Fort Fraser and Vanderhoof area in the geographical heart of British Columbia. They feature the song writing of Dave Forsberg (Acoustic Guitar), with harmonies and musical stylings of Monica Holmquist, Karl Matzhold (Bass Guitar), and Pat Brennan (Drums). They also perform a wide range of covers from Traditional Country, Classic Rock, and Christian. Stay tuned for the releases from their upcoming album, 'Where The River Meets The Road'.


4:00 PM

When Bill Hamilton and Burke Rosen get together, they play as the core members of Gravitation. As an accomplished duo grounded in folk, roots, and blues, they have a synchronicity that attracts audiences. Bill and Burke trade off vocal leads, harmonize and expertly work acoustic and electric guitars.

Bill Hamilton

Bill began performing in Winnipeg, then toured with bands as a lead vocalist, playing rhythm and lead guitar. His early musical influences include international classic hits by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, CCR, James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot, although these days, much of his presentation is original compositions. He is an artful and humorous story teller with engaging intros to his songs.

Burke Rosen

Burke’s music story also started in Winnipeg. He began playing with folk rock bands and doing solo performances at coffee houses at the age of 15. From his many years of experience, he has a large repertoire of covers and originals. He does an accomplished Travis style of acoustic guitar picking; his vocals are warm and versatile.

Paradise Street

4:45 PM

Paradise Street, is Peet Vuur, Brad Hawkes and Ron Ogden. A Canadian trio that has been playing originals and covers for audiences around Victoria and the surrounding areas since 2016.

Eagle Eyes

Cowichan Valley’s own ‘Eagle Eyes’ is critically acclaimed and considered to be one of the best Eagles Tribute Bands. With an enthusiastic fan base and a tour area that stretches from Alaska, BC, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, to California, Eagle Eyes has performed at multiple festivals, theatres, corporate events and many other venues an for the past 7 years, has sold out shows on a constant basis.

6:15 PM

Chris Andres

8:00 PM

Chris Andres is a Vancouver Island country singer/songwriter, he has released five albums including his latest “Loners&Stoners”.

Chris won a Vancouver Island Music Award in 2017 for country song of the year. His music has been featured on radio stations around the world including True North Country, where he held the number one position for several weeks. Christ Andres has opened for such acts as The Washboard Union, Megan Patrick, and Rod Black just to name a few. Chris was also nominated in 2019 for the best traditional country album at the BCCMA awards, where he was asked to perform in the songwriters circle for industry professionals. Chris recently won an International Singer Songwriter Award for male vocalist of the year 2020. Chris has just recorded his sixth album “Scars” which has already won album of the year by The International Singer/Songwriter Association. Chris is currently up for 8 awards for The 2023 International Singer Songwriter Awards.

George Canyon

9:30 PM

George Canyon rose to becoming one of Canada’s hottest Country Music stars in the early 2000’s and has won countless accolades and awards, including Juno Awards, CCMA Awards, and ECMA Awards to name a few. He has been inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame,  recorded 12 albums, and was presented a certified Platinum Award for his debut album ‘One Good Friend’. With country iconic hits like Just Like You, I Believe in Angels, Drinkin’ Thinkin’, Daughters of the Sun, I Got This, I Want You To Live, Slow Dance and many, many more, he is also a highly regarded humanitarian, strong supporter of the military, and, most important, a proud father and devoted husband.


Canyon’s tireless work as spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and his ongoing support for Canada’s Armed forces has earned him much National and International recognition. Among them, he was honored with the Humanitarian Award by the Canadian Country Music Association, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and was also made the first ever Colonel Commandant of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets by the Honourable Peter MacKay, former Minister of National Defense.


Outside of his music and charitable work, many people might also recognize George for his numerous roles on the big screen. From Charlie Wells in the hit television show Heartland and the head forest ranger in Trailer Park Boys, to Bull Shelton in the Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated original Christmas movie “One Starry Christmas”. George also guest starred on stage in the musical production of Grease in 2018 at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto.


Among his many identities, Canyon is also a proud Canadian and huge hockey fan, and roots for his team, the Calgary Flames, for which he is in his sixth season singing the national anthem during the home games.


George released his new memoir on November 8th, 2022 with Simon & Schuster Canada, titled ‘My Country’ – a heartfelt and candid memoir charting his humble beginnings in rural Nova Scotia, the hard-won success he found under the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee, and the life lessons learned on and off the road that ultimately led him home. His latest single, sharing the same title, is available now on all streaming platforms.


Sunday, August 27, 2023

Norman Foote

11:00 AM - Workshop & 1:00 PM - Performance

“It’s easy to see why Foote is so popular, he quickly gets his audience laughing and singing” Calgary Herald.


“with Foote’s quirky songs, the joints always jumping.”


“Foote is in a category all his own” Los Angeles times


Juno winner Norman Foote draws from his own experiences and creates songs and stories that entertain everyone regardless of age. He uses imaginative word play, humour, melodies, and props all to great effect.


His passion for songwriting and performing has taken him to amazing concerts throughout the world. He has gathered many music awards including a Juno and several WCMA awards. His ability to find ageless melodies and relevant stories are key to his popularity with young audiences and parents alike.


He has recorded 9 cds of his original material and written and recorded for Disney Records, CBC, Shari Lewis, Max and Ruby and many others. He has recently become the voice of Bert, the lovable bear character on the animated series “Luna, Chip, and Inkie” (Knowledge Network).


“His methodology is to take a  miniscule part of life and making it into something worthy of grand commentary.”

Lonnie Glass

12:00 PM

In 2019 Lonnie gathered Victoria’s finest rockers to form THUNDER ROAD, the quintessential Springsteen & The E-Street Tribute. Lonnie took his position as “The Boss”, fronting his 10pc band.


After a 3 year stretch of Island theatre gigs a few of the band members went their separate ways. Lonnie then decided to keep his Springsteen vision alive by switching to a more intimate acoustic setting. Brad Hawkes, one of Victoria’s pre-eminent percussion players joins Lonnie on these gigs.

James Vickers

2:15 PM 

James Vickers.jpg

At thirteen years young, James has been living his dream for the past year and a half. James made his stage debut at the Blues Jam at The Queen's, one week before his 12th Birthday. Since then, he's played the jam countless times, he was showcased at the Blues Festival August 2022 for youth in Blues, James was honored by opening for the legendary Jim Byrnes in December 2022.  James loves rock and blues music and has started writing his own songs. 

James will be accompanied by Ricky Renouf on backup vocals and bass guitar, Carson Maertz on guitar and occasional drummer for David Gogo, Sara Varro!

You will get the nucleus of the youth in Blues that was showcased at the Blues Festival last year. James was in the FVBS International Blues CHallenge last month in Abbotsford and advanced to the next round. He will be representing FVBS, Nanaimo, as well as all the youth in BC in the next round which is in Memphis, TN in January 2024.

The future looks bright for this rising star!

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