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Royal Proclamation and Covenant of Reconciliation


Call To Action:

46. We call upon the parties to the Indian Residential
Schools Settlement Agreement to develop and sign
a Covenant of Reconciliation that would identify
principles for working collaboratively to advance
reconciliation in Canadian society, and that would
include, but not be limited to:

i. Reaffirmation of the parties’ commitment to

ii. Repudiation of concepts used to justify European
sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples,
such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius,
and the reformation of laws, governance structures,
and policies within their respective institutions that
continue to rely on such concepts.

iii. Full adoption and implementation of the United
Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.

iv. Support for the renewal or establishment of
Treaty relationships based on principles of
mutual recognition, mutual respect, and shared
responsibility for maintaining those relationships
into the future.

v. Enabling those excluded from the Settlement
Agreement to sign onto the Covenant of

vi. Enabling additional parties to sign onto the
Covenant of Reconciliation.

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Reconciliation Quilt

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