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Miller was signed to MDM Recordings Inc. in 2019 and released his debut single, “Pillow Talkin’” in late December of 2019. The catchy tune quickly earned him the title of iHeart Future Star at the beginning of 2020 and has now achieved Top 10 status at Canadian country radio.

“I’ve been watching Tyler Joe perform around the Vancouver area for a quite a few months quietly taking stock in the performances and fan reaction,” shares Mitch Merrett, MDM. “He is one of just a few artists I have seen that can silence a noisy room in a matter of moments. His voice and song writing abilities are so well developed as a new artist we are more than excited to get Tyler Joe to the next level and share the depth of this young talent.”

In October 2019, Tyler Joe was awarded the Ray McAuley Horizon award at the BCCMA’s, an award that is presented to a new artist who has shown achievements in recorded and or live performances and celebrates their contributions to country music in British Columbia.

Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Tyler Joe Miller was raised on country music listening to his favorite artists on summer drives to his cabin in the caribou in northern BC. Tyler Joe first played in a band in his early 20’s performing in bars in downtown Vancouver before he took a break from music for a few years.

During his time off, he began doing humanitarian work often in Guatemala where he found his passion for helping people. With a desire to fuse his love of music with a passion for philanthropy, Tyler Joe began his own non-profit organization called The Climb Outreach Society who believes in the value of every person and promoting a higher quality of life for those in need.

Each year the VIEx presents the best of Canadian and local talent.  Join us in welcoming Tyler Joe Miller as the 2021 Vancouver Island Exhibition's McDonald's Main Stage!.

 Main Stage

Tyler Joe Miller

Tyler Joe Miller
Shotgun Holiday

Shotgun Holiday

Shotgun Holiday is a Super High Energy, Nanaimo Based, Rock N' Roll Band !
Playing cover songs from the 80's untill now !! You don't want to miss this !!

Baby Jane

Baby Jane

Baby Jane was founded some 16 odd years ago by Shelley Beeston and Robert Pegg. The two core members still form the nucleus of what may be Vancouver`s longest-standing club band to date. Spending 4 years as a house band for the Buffalo Club in downtown Vancouver, as well as continuing to work in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island area on a regular basis, has kept the band in top form. Brian Kehoe joins Baby Jane on bass and Brett Attig rounds out the line-up on drums; both talented professionals in the Vancouver music scene. From the Grey Cup after-party for 2000+ people to the local club for 200 people, it`s always the same commitment to good music and great times.
A current and diversified set-list, coupled with the always stunning voice of Shelley Beeston, continues to captivate audiences in every prestigious club featuring live music entertainment in Western Canada!

Tasha Adams Quartete

Tasha Adams Quartete

A Vancouver Island based vocalist and bassist.

Nate Harris

Nate Harris


McDonald's Main Stage

Friday, August 27, 2021


David James & Big River

David James and Big River are often described as one of the most authentic Outlaw Country tribute shows touring today. Thousands of fans agree with those reviews, as they routinely sell out shows in venues large and small across Canada and the U.S.

From the way James holds his guitar to the way he talks to his audience, the legendary musicians live again when James steps to the mike and says, “Hello – I’m almost Johnny Cash," or plays that classic leather bound Telecaster guitar like Waylon.

The professionalism on and off the stage is a testament to the memory of Cash and Waylon that fans have come to expect from David James and Big River.​

The extensive catalog of songs from Cash like Folsom Prison , Boy named Sue and Ring of Fire and Waylons mega hits like Luckenback Texas , Good hearted woman and Mammas dont let your babys grow up to be cowboys , attracts audiences young and old alike to relive the music of these great country icons.

"Its not only about the voice ," James said. "Its about living and breathing the men - Their postures ,Their mannerisms ,Their moves and quirks .I want our audiences to go home feeling like they observed the men themselves .

James is succeeding

Barnside Alchemy


Quin with One N

Quin With One N is a unique artist merging genres from around the world with his roots in folk music and creating sounds that haven’t been heard before. As a multi-instrumentalist, Quin has a large ‘tool kit’ with which he can sculpt different tunes and arrangements. Even though he started his musical endeavour as a young fiddle player, he doesn’t let that stop him from exploring music outside of traditional, Celtic, and bluegrass fiddling. With the Quin With One N Trio, Quin's music is brought to life in the most dynamic way than ever before. Having Nick Mintenko on upright bass and Ryan Bennett on Drums/Guitar makes for a tight and well put together ensemble. The trio's repertoire spans from groovy and danceable fiddle tunes to emotional ballads rich with harmony.

Wellington Jazz Band

Nurture the passion within and let the music begin

The Wellington Jazz Academy inspires the next generation of musicians and arts supporters!
With leading lights like Christine and Ingrid Jensen and Diana Krall already on the international scene, Nanaimo has an established reputation as a jazz hotbed. And the consistent high performance of Carmella Luvisottos’ students from the Wellington Jazz Academy Program is maintaining that reputation.

A MusicFest jazz venue master of ceremonies set the record straight, saying, “It's not in the water; it's in the hard work.”

Students at Wellington Secondary enroll in the Jazz Academy as part of their curricular studies from Grade 9 through Grade 12. The program includes band classes and for those looking at a more intense improvisation and theory studies, the Jazz Studies course. Nanaimo’s Jazz Academy is one of a handful of Canadian high school programs focused on jazz studies. At Wellington, the students develop the musical and improvisational skills needed to perform jazz standards and charts both as a team and as individuals. The students augment their studies by travelling from Nanaimo to Vancouver, British Columbia; Moscow, Idaho; Monterey, California; Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario to compete in recognized jazz festivals. The results are stellar, sealing Nanaimo’s name in the jazz world. Thank you for supporting the Wellington Jazz Academy Program – the future of jazz music in Canada.

Voodoo Dave


Jayden Holman

You can tell a lot about someone when you walk into their home and each room you enter is a remake of last night’s on-stage performance. A limitless supply of cords and cables hung wall-to-wall, evenly spaced between the guitars mounted high in each room. Amps and speakers piled to the roof, and an impressive collection of keyboards and rock instruments waiting in cue to be picked up and played endlessly throughout the night. Each room you enter in Jayden’s house almost transforms you up on stage and brings you on set in front of screaming fans.

“My home is my sanctuary,” says Jayden, “it is where I stay stimulated, get work done and a place where my friends and family come together for a good time. I look for the inspiration from different things. From my surroundings, my environment, the road and from deep within myself. I feel lucky to have the right people around me because I know I can turn to them to help stay grounded and connected to what matters most to me. And that’s family and playing my music for my fans.” Jayden with a smile, turns around and jeans and barefoot walks up and grabs his guitar from the mount, sits down legs crossed and starts strumming a melody.
From the age when Jayden was just a boy it was clear that he was destined to find his future in music. “I was lucky to find out what I love early on in my life. The feeling I got when I was twelve years old and had to improvise a harmony in front of my music class was actually the start of it all,” Jayden chuckled, “I just closed my eyes, let go and the melody came out.”

Jayden continued, “It has never been about me. Performing takes me to another world. I create a stage where I can connect with my audience. It’s just me and them. It’s not my place, it’s our place. It has always been for my audience. It’s a magical feeling. The energy I get from them feeds me. It fills me. It’s my preferred diet.”
When asked about fears in life, Jayden explained how his biggest fear is playing for the wrong reason. “The fear I used to feel was the pressure to have to succeed. I felt it build inside of me. I used to think about how I was expected to play or how I should be writing my songs.”

Then as if a breeze of coolness swept through the room, Jayden continued, “I just started focusing on my music. I began to seek out my inspirations in life and fed off those things. I started to write about those things. I focused on why I love music and how performing gives me the chance to reach out and move my audience. It’s about what I can give, not what I can take. I want to lift people up and inspire them. This is my focus. This is my gift. I crave the next moment to get on stage and connect with my audience and move them in a way that takes us to a new world.”

Jayden is clearly a man with a vision and will stop at nothing to make his mark on music today.

McDonald's Main Stage

Saturday, August 28, 2021


Dan Mirron

Dan Miron currently resides in Nanaimo, B.C. He has been
performing folk, blues, rock and bluegrass for audiences on
Vancouver Island since he was 16. After completing his
Associate of Music Diploma at Malaspina College in 1997, he
added jazz to his repertoire. He has produced a recording on which
he performed all of the guitar, slide guitar, bass, harmonicas,
vocals and drums.

Dan performs as a soloist at a variety of venues,
including pubs, restaurants, parties, weddings and dances.
With his expressive and smooth voice, soulful harmonicas and guitar
playing, he creates an engaging atmosphere of intimacy and fun.
His repertoire includes a wide variety of genres which enables him
to entertain audiences of all ages.

Johnny Inappropriate

Johnny Inappropriate is a high energy Dance/Rock cover Band! They began in the summer of 2004, quickly becoming one of Vancouver Island’s premier cover bands. Johnny Inappropriate is known for their sharp look, high energy, and musical diversity. These key ingredients have been wowing crowds all over Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.

Garnering rave reviews everywhere they go, there is never a dull moment with Johnny. They will keep you guessing and keep you dancing all night long!!! For slightly quieter events, the acoustic version of the band, Johnny Kickstand, plays the same great variety of tunes in a 3 piece trio, with acoustic guitar, piano, and bass guitar.


Ramona is a seasoned bellydancer with a rich history of performance in festivals, on tour, and as a featured performer on Carnival Cruises. She is excited to be able to entertain again for you live and will be teaching at VIBE Dance this fall.

McDonald's Main Stage

Sunday, August 29, 2021

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