Action for Everyone!

2019 VIEX Live Action Events

Vancouver Island Exhibition Offers Diverse Live Action Displays

The Vancouver Island Exhibition is pleased to present our interactive entertainment.

Notorious RC- All Weekend Long

With speeds reaching 100+ kph, remote control (RC) cars can break the speed limit on any road or highway in Nanaimo.  Put them on a track, and that equals some spectacular, action packed racing!  It’s fast and fun!  These cars are hobby grade, which means there are built to last.  They take a beating and keep on ticking!

RC racing is a hobby that anyone can get into.  The youngest racer is 4 years old, the oldest is 73!  NRC Hobby Shop hosts weekly racing at their location in South Nanaimo.  NC has one of the best off-road tracks in all of Canada.

For more information, please visit their website, Facebook site or call them at 250-591-0250.

Medieval Chaos – Live Action Role Play

Medieval Chaos is a high energy full contact Role-Playing Game set in our privately owned village of Dagger Deep. Come and play your character in the world of Medieval Chaos where we play 40 Saturdays a year rain, snow, or shine.

Medieval Chaos is an exciting, fast-paced, intense role play experience with exhilarating physical combat and over 400 acres of privately owned playable terrain. Medieval Chaos is the premier Vancouver Island Heavy Action Role Playing (H.A.R.P.) experience; with, 150+ members, weekly events, private river access, our very own keep, an established game history, intense combat, visual spells, live music, a fully immersible role-playing environment, and our very own village Dagger Deep.

Laughing Loggers- All Fair weekend

These Vancouver Lumberjacks and Jill’s have over 30 years combined experience in delivering an internationally acclaimed lumberjack entertainment show.

Ben is the owner and producer and with his crazy kiwi humour, has been delivering his productions for over 14 years to audiences all over the world with performances in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, heck these boys even performed in PNG (talk about wild times!).

Michelle, a graduate from the renowned, New York City, Circle In The Square Theatre School, has over 25 years experience in the performing arts industry and 15 of those years performing in Lumberjack shows across the world. Now the chief producer for the Vancouver Lumberjacks, she certainly takes the production to new heights.

Double trouble on the stage, these two have created a production like no other!!!

Freestyle Motocross for 2019 Freestyle motocross shows are Canada’s premier outfit. We are the only production in Canada featuring former X-Games athletes. We have extensive experience in our sport and are able to tailor our show for almost any event and budget. We pride ourselves as role models and promote a healthy, family friendly atmosphere while providing a high energy show that is able to impress a wide variety of spectators. We are fully insured and although the sport appears to be dangerous the athletes are top riders in the world with years of experience and are able to execute all the latest freestyle motocross tricks (including the back flip) with ease. We boast an extensive resume that includes performances at the Vancouver PNE, Calgary Stampede (Grand stand show), X-Games, Gravity Games, Alaska State Fair, World Expo (Shanghai, China), World FMX tour (Mexico) and numerous other international and domestic events.


With our state-of-the-art, fully portable freestyle motocross ramps we are able to set up and perform in a matter of minutes, on any surface and with no landscape damage. These ramps allow us to perform at a wide variety of events such as Fairs and Exhibitions, monster truck shows, concerts, grand openings and any special event looking to attract a crowd. We also dedicate a lot of our time in the community to charity events all over North America.