Free Activities for the Whole Family!

Family Fun Zone Presents

Vancouver Island Exhibition Offers free activities for children and youth during the fair.

The Vancouver Island Exhibition is pleased to present this year’s activity highlights, along with annual favorites.

Our New Name!!!!!!

For 2019 VIEx will now have a Family Fun Zone. Formally called the Kids Zone and the Youth Zone, VIEx has put the zones together. There will be new banners, new location, and a new Mini Golf area the Youth Committee created with help from student volunteers.

Activities & Fun Competitions

Every year the Family Fun Zone hosts a number of competitions.

Children’s Parade and Pet Show: Dress your best! Cowboys, cowgirls, pets in costumes, Batman, or anything you like. Meet at Gate 4 by 11:00 am Saturday on the fair grounds dressed to win!

Veggie Race:  Pick a veggie, turn it into a car, and see who wins. Friday at 11:am in the Family Fun Zone.

Farmer For a Day: Every year VIEx has some of your favorite agricultural activities. Straw maze, milking cow, gardening, and apple picking. Come be a Farmer For a Day and get your ribbons while having fun being a farmer.

For more information please contact Contessa at

Youth Committee

In 2017 VIEx Family Fun Zone Director started a Youth Committee to help bring a fresh and young voice to the fair. That year the youth brought innovate ideas for activities in the Family Fun Zone and created a Youth area in the Zone. Now both children and youth can enjoy the space. That year they had 5 youth who volunteered their time throughout the year to bring activities like Karaoke, Twister, Virtual reality and Live Action Role Playing to the fair. During the fair the youth also conducted market research with others that had attended. Based on the findings of their survey they have been planning for future years. In January of 2018 the Youth Committee have had 6 new youth join the committee and created a Youth Dance and DJ area. Can’t wait to see what 2019 and the future for the Youth Committee will be.

Donations, volunteer time, and idea’s are all welcomed. All those over 19 years of age must have a criminal record check done in-house.  Set up crew and clean-up crew for the Kids/Youth Zone is also needed. Please contact Family Fun Zone Director Contessa at to volunteer or donate.