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JoJo Mason

In his six years since breaking into the Canadian Country music scene, multiple CCMA Award nominee JoJo Mason has been on a mission to find his own unique voice. Now, with a brand-new seven song EP on the way, he’s ready to show fans exactly what kind of artist he wants to be. It’s a project JoJo calls "the best batch of songs he’s been lucky enough to record, yet,” and he goes on to say that “as an artist, one thing you want to be doing is always evolving. You want to keep getting better, progress and be the best version of yourself through your music.”

JoJo’s career thus far has seen many incredible highlights, including five Top 10 tracks, numerous notable National media appearances and countless major festival and tour plays, and the last year has been no exception. JoJo checked off a bucket list moment performing on the 2020 CCMA Awards broadcast, received a trio of BCCMA nominations (Male Artist, Album, and Entertainer of the Year) and got the news that his single ‘Better On You’ had earned CRIA Gold-certification, an honour presented to him at the 2021 Calgary Stampede by his friend and colleague Dallas Smith.

Even with so many accolades to celebrate, some of the moments that mattered most to JoJo were the ones spent with his fans. While they weren’t always in the most traditional of ways, they were gratifying nonetheless. Embracing the power of his social media community, JoJo kicked off his Mental Health Mondays’ series in early 2020, featuring conversations with fellow artists, music industry folks and more. He also embarked on a socially distanced, cross-country tour, stopping at small outdoor venues, bringing a taste of live music to small but grateful audiences from coast to coast. Now, with the release of lead single ‘Broken Umbrella’ and his forthcoming album "Sky Full Of Stars", JoJo is looking forward to getting back on the road and making those memorable connections once again.

Jesse Roper

Canadian rocker Jesse Roper is adding his voice to the chants and his fist to the air with the release of his new single ''Right Now". Working closely with famed Juno nominated producer Gus van Go (The Stills, Whitehorse, Arkells, The Trews, Sam Roberts ) on this new collection of songs has pushed Roper into creating some of his best work. And the vibe is certainly right. There’s a depth, a vulnerability, to this new body of work that hasn’t necessarily been at the forefront of Roper’s previous offerings. With a richer infusion of vintage rhythm and blues as background, Roper’s unique, soulful vocals are given space to soar. The result brings to mind sun-baked, dusty roads and hot, sticky nights in crowded bars. Like contemporaries Nathaniel Rateliff and Jack White, Roper tells his story with heart. A gritty, bluesy 21st century reimagining of protest songs in the same vein of Phil Ochs or Bob Dylan, ‘Right Now’ speaks of the polarizing speech and actions south of the border, and the far reaching impact such division has. 2020 has been a turbulent year, with much bigger challenges still on the horizon. Yet amidst this confusion and unrest, there is still an outpouring of creativity, music and love. “The world's been crazy as far back as history can recount,” Roper says frankly, “I want to rock the f*** out, sing things into a microphone that I believe, and crush guitar riffs I love playing”

The Timebenders

A very fast-paced and high-energy presentation makes this show irresistible to dancers – and with amazing costume changes and up-beat choreography, an exciting show to watch!

Six performers are constantly moving and rotating positions bringing you an ever-changing, fresh look and sound throughout the evening as the Timebenders’ show covers almost every musical genre from the vocally-charged harmonies of the 50′s, the British Invasion, California and Motown sound of the 60′s, Glam Rock and Disco beats of the 70′s, the New Wave of the 80′s, Divas of the 90′s and even some surprises from this past decade and hits of today! There is literally something for everyone in a Timebenders’ show making this group the perfect choice for any demographic and any event.

Blackmoon Valley

It's gonna be a good old time! As a little 4-piece band from up and down Vancouver Island,
Black Moon Valley plays a genre they like to call Country Rock & Roll; Eric, Heather, Jay
and Steve take what they like best about Rockabilly, Country, and good old music and roll it
up into a show that all ages can enjoy. After years of playing bars, fairs and festivals, Black
Moon Valley is proud to appear at VIEx playing their own music. Like them on Facebook
@blackmoonvalley or visit the website

Kevin's Bacon

Kevin's Bacon is a power trio cover band from the Nanaimo and Ladysmith areas. Their focus is mostly modern rock, with some classics mixed in too. No specific genres, just good, rockin' tunes!


Cosmosaurus is a five-piece alt-rock band that formed in Nanaimo, British
Columbia in 2018. Having met through shared experience in the VIU Music
program, each member brings a variety of musical influences to the group,
resulting in a style that incorporates elements from progressive rock, folk-rock,
and more, with an emphasis on vocal harmony.

Doctors of Rock and Roll

The Doctors of Rock ‘N’ Roll will set your bones dancing with a large dose of the best music spanning decades. Buddy Holly and the Beatles rock out with CCR, Trooper, Wilson Picket, Lenny Kravitz, ACDC and everything in between.  Whatever your musical malaise, The Doctors are in the house to cure your blues.  This versatile power quartet from Nanaimo, BC. features Russ Der (Sax/Keys), Paul Bourke (Bass), Kyle Allesia (Drums) and Daniel Fortier (Guitar), who write out their prescriptions for fun using dance-floor flooding grooves and electrifying harmonies.


Kicking of their RED KINGDOM TOUR Hoodstock Entertainment will be hitting the stage at 5pm on Friday, August 26th Sirreal will headline the show alongside Revron Music with Details Co-Headlining while celebrating the release of his album KINGDOM – Set to release that day!
Keep an eye out for Oktiv6 & Mr. Esq to make cameo appearances along with full band Blue Satellite!
You do not want to miss this show!

Hypnotist Terrance B

From the moment that Comedic Hypnotist Terrance B steps on the stage, you have no doubt this man was born to entertain.... and entertain he does!

Hypnotist Terrance B was born and raised in Blackpool, England, and now is living in Calgary Canada, but his true home is on the stage performing his hypnosis shows.

Hypnotist Terrance B studied the Art of Stage hypnosis intensively for 4 years, continuing his studies even today, before making the decision to focus his career in this direction, and to bring this talent to the stage.

He has since immersed himself into hypnosis and perfected his talents to point where, with great pride, he is now compared to World-Class Entertainers. He is a true professional who takes the Art of Suggestion & hypnosis very seriously and executes it with the utmost respect and integrity.

Stage Hypnotist Terrance B typically works with 20 volunteers from the audience, Hypnotist Terrance B is able to cause otherwise rational people to see, do, and believe, totally ridiculous things. Using his Power of Suggestion he guides his hypnotized victims thought increasingly ludicrous and hilarious scenarios. They may take a trip by the pool on the Love Boat, be a famous movie star or even discover that their clothes are inside out.

Hypnotist Terrance B’s warped (but tasteful) sense of humor and bizarre ideas of comedy have earned him rave review throughout North America. This skilled performer has delivered performances for over 20 years and always promises a smooth flowing, knock-em dead stage act. His acting abilities include a wide variety of impersonations and accents that lend his own special charm to his performances.

Renfrew Road

Eowyn McEwen and Alexander Murray are two independent artist who joined together to form the group Renfrew Road in early 2018.
Both Eowyn and Alexander grew up in the Cowichan Valley and have spent many years exploring their musical talents through song writing and performing. They have spent the past two years performing at various venues in Victoria and after a recent move back to the Cowichan Valley, The Renfrew
Road Band is eager to share their musical adventure in the area.
In 2018, the duo began recording their first album together with Pete Wilson (guitarist and newest band member) in Victoria BC. They have had the pleasure of working with some amazing musicians and look forward to the
launch of their album. Release date to be announced.
The RENFREW ROAD Band is very excited to perform at the Vancouver Island Exhibition

The Tumblin' Dice

The Tumblin' Dice is a Country Band from Victoria, British Columbia. Locally the band is known as the house band for Sunfest Country Music Festival in 2013, and the house band for the popular "Gone Country" in Victoria. The band has also opened for Aaron Pritchett and Brett Kissel and many more!

Peter Hudson

PETER HUDSON is a mainstay of the Vancouver Island comedy scene who has entertained audiences throughout western Canada. Known to comedians across the country as the mayor of Nanaimo, Peter taps into daily life to bring you hilarious takes on work, family, and his own quirks and misadventures. His comedy is raw and colorful, whether he’s describing growing up as a redhead, working blue collar jobs, or “living green” (in more than one way) on the west coast.

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