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Grounds Entertainment


For over forty years the SuperDogs have entertained millions live and on television with their original, family-friendly productions. More recently their innovative virtual shows and digital shorts have reached a global audience, generating millions of views.

Craig The Magician

Craig The Magician has been bringing family-wide wonder and laughter to malls, fairs, and festivals across BC for over 20 years, and has created an easy to host show that makes it a breeze to bring all the laughs and smiles to your stage or fair ground! Craig is known for his unique sense of interactive humour that brings a special feel to each show! Craig The Magician will perform 2 stage shows a day and will be wandering around all day!

McDonald's Family Fun Zone

Come to the Family Fun Zone at the VIEX, Vancouver Island Exhibition. McDonalds, one of our major sponsors will greet you at the entrance. We have a craft booth where you can: make head bands with ears, color with crayons, decorate-with stickers, paint with brushes or dabber, build with popsicle sticks and make swords with pipe cleaners. Record your wish at the wishing well under'the watchful eye of the VIEX fairy god mother. Fish with VIEX special bait and exchange your catch for a candy. Make card board boats and sail them in the VIEX pond. Milk a full sized cow model and learn about planting and growing beans. You will be able to take your beanie buddy home with you. Travel through our hay maze and find: the chicken eggs, pick the apples, dig the potatoes and carrots and test yourself with the agriculture trivia. You will be "THE FARMER" for the day. Try the tractor and ponies in the fenced farm yard. We have face painting, veggie car racing and we can help you make paper airplanes.

365 Pro Wrestling

Global FMX

Global FMX’s Freestyle motocross shows are Canada’s premier outfit. Global FMX is the only production in Canada featuring former X-Games athletes. They pride themselves as role models and promote a healthy, family friendly atmosphere while providing a high energy show that is able to impress a wide variety of spectators. Although the sport appears to be dangerous, these athletes are top riders in the world with years of experience and are able to execute all the latest freestyle motocross tricks (including the back flip) with ease. With state-of-the-art, fully portable freestyle motocross ramps they are able to set up and perform in a matter of minutes, on any surface and with no landscape damage. These ramps allow them to perform at a wide variety of events such as Fairs and Exhibitions, monster truck shows, concerts, grand openings and any special event looking to attract a crowd. Global FMX also dedicates a lot of their time in the community to charity events all over North America.

Miniature Horse Show

This August 28th will be an exciting day of fun with our miniature horses. Come out and compete or just to watch everyone having a great day of in-hand and driving classes. We also have games in the afternoon that are thrilling and fun to participate in. We love to get the crowd involved cheering on their favorite mini. Miniature horses don’t have to be registered or belong to any of the local driving clubs.

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