Your Country Fair!

Home Arts -Where all Your Country Crafts Fuse

Home Arts has been the heart of the Fair over the course of its production. Jams, jellies, sewing, crocheting, knitting, carving, homemade bath soaps, are just a few of the displays to expect in Home Arts. Come see those competing for the best Beer and Wine, Needle crafts and others every year. You wont be able to stop talking about all the great homemade talent Nanaimo has!

It is with great appreciation that Home Arts has the opportunity to work with and host Maine Boat Modellers, Horticultural Society, Master Gardner’s, Jananco, The Women’s Institue, Bowen Seniors, and others every year. Thank you all for participating.

For more information of entering the Divisions please see the Prize Book or contact our Home Arts Director: